Positive Parenting Workshop

Positive Parenting Workshop


Sevagram Village, Wardha                                                     

On the invitation of Mr. Vijay Aglaave  who is proactive social worker and was Sarpunch of Sevagram village for two decades Nirvana socials organised positive parenting workshop at Dhammek Budhha Vihar, Sevagram village, Wardha.  Mr. Shashikant Bambole (Psychologist) addressed community people regarding formation of personality, childhood problems & how can parents help their child in their upbringing. How can parent’s negative & positive behavior affect the child’s upbringing?

Mr. Vishal Bele, lecturer of Kubhalkar College was chief guest in this workshop. Miss Shahista Abdul Sattar, program Manager, addressed the audience regarding the value of positive parenting.  It was beneficial workshop for parents. Villagers participated voluntary in the program. It was successful workshop.

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