Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop

Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop

“Breaking the taboo around MHM”.

Nandora Dafre Village

India is a country of contrasts, with extreme wealth and poverty and gender-related disparities, resulting in significant variation in health and social indicators among girls and women. Of the 113 million adolescent girls, 68 million attend about 1.4 million schools, with poor menstrual hygiene management.

Practices and cultural taboos considered being impediments to their school attendance.

Dnyan Prabhodhini Bahuddeshiya Gramin Vikas Sanstha (Nirvana socials) took initiative by organized menstrual hygiene management workshop for adolescence girls, women with the help of Gram panchayat at Nandora (Dafre) village.

Clinical psychologist Miss. Shahista Abdul Sattar (Program Manager, Nirvana Socials) addressed the participant regarding Good menstrual hygiene practices. She spread awareness through answers their questions, which was misconception & myths regarding menstrual cycle. Also discuss with them right way to disposes sanitary napkins due to in rural areas there is no collection or transportation of waste. Most women end up disposing their used pads with other waste. Some of them burn it or dispose it in the latrine. Some users wash the blood out before disposing the pad with other waste. Mostly they end up going distances to burn or bury since taboo requires them to not dispose off these things near temples or agriculture land to prevent “polluting” them.

Asha worker Mamta Khasre & Mrs. Sarika Deshmukh was the president of program & the chief guest was Mrs. Mira Meshramkar (Trustee Nirvana Socials).

It was successful workshop due to the purpose of the workshop which is aware through appropriate information regarding hygiene management in the duration menstrual cycle & open them to share their problems was fulfilled.

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