Inauguration of Enso Counselling Center

Inauguration of Enso Counselling Center

Mental Health Counselling center By Nirvana Socials

Our Philosophy

Inauguration of Enso Counselling Center- Dnyan Probhodhni Bahuudheshya Gramin Vikas Sanstha.
Nirvana Socials inaugurated its first ever Counselling center in Wardha on Sunday 15th April 2017. Many dignitaries and well-wishers graced the occasion. Respected Dr. Ashok Kamble (Bhante Ashok Bodhi) inaugurated the center and told the importance of mental health in life.
Enso means Zen circle, which symbolizes state of mind. It does not depend upon language, you can by-pass intellect and communicate more directly. It is perfect just as it is, even in all its imperfection. It is creative experience without using creativity. When you believe that you have arrived at some final destination on your path, ensō reminds you to start again exactly at the point where you are now and to embrace and enjoy your unique experiences on life’s journey. So is our motive to let people start again, from where they are and communicate without barriers.
Enso Counselling center will provide free counselling to all those who are going through difficult times in life. Let it be anger, anxiety, depression, or any other life stressors. We will help to get people aware about their strengths and help them to use it to develop their fullest potentials and become happier.
“If you alone can’t, we together can”!!

Nirvana Social – So that past never equals future In the process of Evolution, we have evolved from Apes to Humans and now we stand with the question what will be the Next stage of evolution? This next stage of Evolution will be more about mind rather than body; it will be more inwards than outwards. This means we need to be free from sufferings, understand our true nature and be at peace. Precisely, we need to evolve to be awakened one Nirvana reflects No Cravings, No more Attachments, and No more Selfishness.

Hence, we are committed for working selflessly and with compassion for other beings The Nirvana Socials works for making the difference in this world by touching everybody’s life in meaningful way, by helping the poor and educating the rich. We at the core want to make the world a Joyful, Peaceful, Mindful and at the end more HUMAN FULL. Our logo depicts the lotus that symbolizes rising and blooming above the mark to achieve enlightenment i.e. Nirvana and the colure blue signifies knowledge, learning and intelligence.

Nirvana is solely based on the individual efforts, which is represented by a hand. We work passionately so that every act of ours today should lead to happier tomorrow.

Our Vision
To educate, empower and enlighten

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