• To create awareness about health, mental health, education, addiction and sanitation issues
  • To generate work opportunities for under-privileged urban, rural &tribal community by taking research and development projects
  • To create models for effective learning and life skill education for youth
  • To render technical assistance and consultancy towards building programs and addressing community based issues
  • To inculcate positive attitude in the downtrodden communities and building their confidence


What we do

We mainly focus on health, mental health, education, sanitation and livelihood for deprived tribal, rural and urban communities. We have conducted large-scale surveys in Tribal areas of Maharashtra. We have since expanded our focus, and are building evident thoughtful leadership and resources in mental health area. We offer basic life skill education for the tribal and underprivileged youth from urban slums.

We create opportunities for communities to collaborate and connect for betterment of human beings.