Cyrus Cylinder

Cyrus Cylinder

Cyrus Cylinder


“Injustice anywhere is threat to Justice everywhere”
                                                                 -Martin Luther King


Human rights are prerequisite for peace, development and democracy. India being the largest democracy faces the biggest human rights challenges. It is sad fact that the worst human rights violations take place with the silent consent of the wide majority.

Nirvana Socials organized an awareness program on human rights as we are aware that the, “Knowledge of human rights is the best defense against their violations”.


Cyrus cylinder is name of programme which was related to Human Rights awareness . This programme was conducted at DDUGKY training center,  BESA,  Nagpur. Around 70-80 students participated in this programme. It was presented by Ms. Pradnya Khobragade. It was a power point presentation which contained definition of Human Rights, it’s importance and need.  Its focus was on fundamental rights given in Indian constitution. It also covered topics like Untouchablility, SC ST atrocity Act, Minority rights etc. Students participated in lecture through question and answers. To implement our rights one should know about it first. Freedom is in mind and Rights are in action.  So, it is important for students as well as any human being to exercise their rights, they should know everything about it. It was a wonderful experience.

As human rights are about human behavior, hence absolutely connected to individual’s mental health and community’s mental health.

Time: 6:00 pm on 1st October, 2017
Venue: Nagpur

“Do join to Voice the Silence”

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